Do you love technology?

2009,I was those day in Gajrulla, a small industrial area where I was working in a privet organization as an accountant. I was not a materialistic man so my salary was sufficient for me and I could have saved more than fifty parentage of my salary every month. My major expense was the phone bill because I was in love and spending more than one thousand Indian rupees in phone every month, I tried hard every days to win heart of the girl, but for that girl I was just a timepass. So I was depressed a lot those days.

It was Dipabali , so holiday in my country. My colleges had gone to their home town except me, I was happy that day because my love interest had made a promise to go on a date.I was dreamed a lot,I planned a lot to purpose her.  I didn’t want to cook that day, so I went to a hotel and take a delicious lunch, I found after the payment I had only twenty rupees left in my pocket. But I had nothing to worry, I had almost twenty-five thousand rupees in my bank accounts, and I had my ATM, by which I could withdraw cash anytime, thanks to this modern technology.Sometime I couldn’t understand how people in old age was traveling with huge amount of cash those days.

After the lunch I straightly went to my room, closed the door properly and took an afternoon nap, almost four O’clock I woke up, I thought to purchase some fireworks for nights, so I went to market, I needed money so went to ATM, just outside the ATM my eyes fell over the tea seller, he was the best tea maker according to mine, I first took a cup of tea from him, it cost me around six rupees. After fishing my tea I tried the ATM by my debit card, the ATM showed insufficient cash balance, then my eyes fell over a white board where was written no cash in bold letter.

  “Nothing to worry, near two more ATM present too,” I said to myself and went toward other ATM machines. But no cash left in any ATM machines. I tried every ATM machines desperately but no ATM machine had cash that day. I now felt worried, I had just fourteen rupees left, nothing, almost nothing left in my home to make my dinner. No one present that day from whom I could borrow some money. I had no money left near me to celebrate Dipabali. although I had seventy thousand cash balance in my bank account. 

  Evening became night, the city decorated with lights, sky full with fireworks, people were congratulating everyone and enjoying the festival of light but I had just fourteen rupees. I suddenly thought about hotels. 

  “Must be some big hotel having card swiping machine,” I thought. So I tried every big hotel of that city, but only one hotel had card swiping machine but it couldn’t work also, I came back after lost my hope. God wasn’t too much happy over me that night, my bike became empty and stopped before two kilometer from my room. I had no option left, I had no money, so I walked with my bike up to my room, in way I purchased a ten rupees biscuits packet to eat. and that night I only took biscuits in my dinner and slept early.

  The next day of Dipabali was Sunday too, so holiday. I had only four rupees left that day, and no petrol in bike, so I walked and checked every ATM machine nearer to my room but the result was same, no ATM machines had money, I felt hungry, I felt tired but without money I couldn’t purchase anything, no one was present to help me, I purchased eight chocolate in that four rupees. That eight small size chocolate was my food that day, whole day I just ate only eight chocolates. That day I promised myself that I always kept enough money with me, over depended on ATM machine gave me all trouble and pain which I could never forget in my life. . 



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