Freedom of love

  I ‘m a citizen of free India, it’s my choice to celebrate Valentine’s day or not, No one has any right to tell me what I’m doing with my girlfriend at park till I’m not doing in any activity of sex, kissing someone or holding hand of someone isn’t consider as a sexual activity. 

  Those organizations who thinks themselves as protector of Hinduism, those whose opposes the love I have few questions to them.

  1 Lord Krishna was in love with Radha, who was wife of someone else, meeting with her secretly in bank of Yamuna river. Then why don’t those organization demolish all statue of Lord Krishna and Raha,

  2 We make statue of a lover but opposing lovers, its shows our dual character,

3 Lord Krishna loved Radha but married to Rukmani, so let’s break status of Radha and make Rukmani’s statue with Lord Krishna.

If you have no dare to do this then stop your idiotic act against lover, if not then we change our religion,  where is no freedom there is no place for human. 

  Organization whose oppose lovers I’m telling you what is your reality, you all are no man, no talent to win heart of a woman. If you are a woman then you have no right to win heart of a man, You all are failure in love, so you are jealous when you see a man with a gorgeous girl.  You oppose lovers but your dream is to get love of a woman, which you can’t. 

   We’ve talent, we can win heart of someone, it’s our choice to marry whom and when, who the hell are you to force us, you are no one, no right to tell us anything.  

  You are losers, not a man at list, you never understand what is love, you are not human, tell us what to do for freedom of love, if you are protector of Hinduism then we swear we’ll change our religion, if you are protector of Muslim then we swear we’ll  change our  religion. 

  Wait for us, we will soon do something what is never happen in this country before, we’ll every day together in front of Parliment, Rastrapati Bhavan, and Supreme coart and kiss each other, let’s see who’ll win, this is the fight for freedom of love,  let’s see how many you can kill or put in behind bar, this is continue till we don’t get freedom of love. 

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