Today’s love Story 


Rina was waiting, waiting in a park for more than half an hour. Still Sambit didn’t come. Sambit and she was couple from last two years, Their love story started when they were in college, Sambit purposed her over the college terries with bending his knees and giving a rose on 7th Feb, the rose day. Today…

  After two years the life was changed, Sambit was now doing a job at a multinational where as she was still in final year of her graduation, now a day she could feel Sambit wasn’t phoned her regularly, most of the time his phone was showing busy. Now a day even they had lot of fights and arguments over some minor issues. But something Rina hatred about Sambit was Sima, office met of Sambit. When Sambit discussed about Sima she couldn’t hide her jealousy. The day before tomorrow she had found a picture uploaded by Sima in which Sambit and Sima were standing with putting hand over each other shoulder. On bellow some colleagues of Sambit gave comment as ‘looking cute together. It was fired over Rina’s heart. 

   ‘Rina, you have to control your boyfriend,’ Bikram, her phone of the best friend advice. See, the girl is trying to take away your boyfriend. If you’ll not control now then it will be too late.’

  Rina scared still said, ‘ Who cares? If he is mine, no one can take him, and if he isn’t then no one can stop it.  And I completely believe over my boyfriend, he loves me a lot, it’s impossible to separate us. ‘

 It zipped Bikram’s mouth, but Rina couldn’t stop herself, the next day she was checking Sambit’s WhatsApp and call records while Sambit was going to bathroom for a while. She found Sambit had a long discuss with some stupid matter, about work, about meeting and other official matters. Still she had some doubt, what happened if they would talk about other things over calling, so she changed the settling auto -recorded of every call. She wasn’t feeling well while doing it, prying God to save her relationship. She quickly thought a plan to get her love; she wanted to give some chance to Sambit to keep her relation strong. She knew perfectly what a man wants. 

  Sambit, I feel bore a lot, let’s go for a movie,’ She advised, trying to make her look as innocent as possible. 

  ‘Sorry, I have an important meeting today,’ Sambit said hesitatingly, without looking at her eyes. It made her mind fired, but she didn’t want to fight, at list she didn’t want to end this relationship at a dirty note. She sobbed a lot last night, slept late and woke up late. While checking her phone she found a message came from Sambit’s phone. He requested to come to this park with a note that he wanted to tell something important to her. 

  Why not he came to your home to pick you?’ Bikram suspected again. ‘He many times comes to your house before, then why not today? And what’s the important matter which he can’t say in your room or his room? Please don’t mind Rina but there is definitely something going on in his mind.’

  Bikram’s analysis broke the remaining self-confidence of Rina; she prepared her heart for the break up, a life ending situation for her. She sobbed a lot inside bathroom, tried to convince her heart to face strongly in front of Sambit and the situation. At perfect time she reached in park. 

  Ten minutes more passed away, Sambit didn’t come till, and there was a handsome guy who was sitting little far, staring at her from the time she had come. Rina grinned at him once. She thought about the possibility of another boy around her circle, Bikram was also one of them undoubtedly; she tried to remember some happy moments with him. Suddenly found Bikram was an amazing boy for her. Even her elder sister thought Bikram loved her. 

  Bikram was a good student undoubtedly, without her help Rina couldn’t get such a good mark in some of her subjects. One day Bikram even purpose d her in jokily. Though she hadn’t liked Bikram that time still she didn’t want to lose him from her life permanently. So she just had just replied that she was in a relationship but which might be broken anytime, only to give Bikram a false hope. But now if she would compare between Sambit and Bikram then definitely Bikram would be a better choice.

 Hi, suddenly she heard a voice, it was voice of Sambit. ‘How you came at perfect time today.’

  Hi, ‘ she grinned, prepare to say about break up before Sambit could tell, she didn’t want to give a chance to Sambit to ditch her. I wanna to tell you something.’ 

  Nope, first I will tell you,’ He said desperately, trying to take out something from his pocket. Rina found it was a gold ring, Sambit quickly wore it in her ring finger and said,’ Remember the date, two years before  I had purposed you on this date and now I want to take our relationship one step forward. From now you are my fiancée.’ He hugged her embarrassingly. 

  ‘I love you, too’ she said, looking guilty. Her eyes were over the gold ring, it was beautiful, she was confused, how could she think negative about Sambit? ‘ 

  Do you like the ring or nor?’ Sambit asked after their separate. 

  Yeah ! Beautiful! Where you get it?’ Rina asked in enthusiastically, her eyes were glistening by the gold. 

  From last one week I had been searching such a beautiful ring like this, ‘ He gasped. ‘ Sima helped me, from last three days we together searching something like this for you, tomorrow was no meeting actually, all evening we went to more than five jewelry. Lastly we got this.’ 

  Rina now understood the situation; Sambit was talking with Sima only to get some help in purchasing the ring. They went to Movie tighter, enjoying a lot. At night Rina thought about Bikram. No doubt Bikram is a good boy and she can’t let him go from her life,’ she thought. She found more than ten missed called of Bikram while checking her phone. Again Bikram called her. She didn’t want to talk with. Bikram right now, still she could feel the pleaser of Sambit’s touch. 

  ‘We have a nasty fight, I can’t in a mood to talk with you now, please call me tomorrow,’ she wrote in a message, forwarded it to Bikram and phoned Sambit in another mobile. ‘ Hi baby, do you reach now?’ She asked in her cute voice to Sambit and found a message flashed in her mobile. It was from Bikram.

  I can understand that you will sad, please don’t sob, sleep quickly, we will talk tomorrow, ‘ Bikram wrote like an idiot.


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