A Day with friends

Friend, the only relation you are made by yourself. Friends are important part of our life’s, if your friends are good, well behaved then you will slowly turn in to a better man without your knowing and opposite is possible. If you are in group of wrong people then you will definitely do some wrong actions without even realizing. 

Today on morning I went to play some cricket, the game in which I have little interest, but I want to be part it because most of the player are junior, so I want to be knowing them better. 

  Then I went to meet my friend with whom I can meet once in a week, I spent more than three hours in his home, exchanged some movies, discussed some nonsense matter.We both planned to meet with another friend at afternoon and  I returned to home at lunch time.

Just after the lunch that friend came to my home to pick me, then we three went to a hill-side, there we almost did nothing except chatting. We planned to watch a new Bollywood movie but it was not available at our nearest theater, so plan was cancelled. 

At evening we went to park, still except some nonsense discussion we didn’t do anything. And at last at 7 O’clock we returned to home. 

  You all must be though why I am writing all this nonsense where nothing was happened. But one thing was happened without anyone notice, that was we all are happy. . .

The only reason why we need friends in our life. Do you agree or not, you can share your views too. . . I am waiting for your reply. . .

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