Can you give answer Mr. President of the USA?

President of the United States of America,

According to your constitution your country is open for every religion,

Why to become the president in your country Christianity is necessary,

Can you give the answer?

Mr President,

 Why your citizens always try to change poor people religion?

Can you say Mr President?

Before Christ born what was yours country religion?

Mr President, you got Nobel Prize for peace, 

But why your country main business is selling weapon?

There are many profitable businesses in this world,

Is there no other business which can give you money?

Why you make fraction between two countries,

And sell weapon to each one just for some money…

Mr President, you talk about Peace and harmony,

Then why there is NATO, why there is war,

Why you interfering in every county matter by name of fake justice,

And why your main aim is expansion?

Mr President, you are follower of Gandhi & Martin Luther king,

Then why this cold war with Russia again,

Why you built an atmosphere of world war,

For your silly mistake whole world is going to suffer,

And we may face a world war in near future…

Mr President, equality is your aim,

Then why you don’t give same power to every country in United Nation,

Why other countries don’t use veto power?

Why still your game to slave every country?

Why you still believe in colonization & slave system?

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