How to be a writer?

Hi, I am B. P. Senapati, a writer who was failed to impress many readers because of some silly mistakes, So my first two self-published book failed miserably and my third self-published book got half success. So I want to guide new writers and those who wants to be a writer. First you have to learn how to start writing? 

If you want to be a writer I have few suggestions for you.

1. Just write anything and everything 

  This sounds silly but it has a great effort. Just write as much as you can, about your daily life, about your girlfriend, about the fight with your girlfriend, about your crush, about the things you like, about your school, college, your boss, about your job, anything. It becomes an hobby.After some days you may find that you have already written down a story.
2. Read a lots

Just read a lots of necessary and unnecessary things, you can’t say from where and how you get an idea to write a book, and reading stories will increase your word power. You can watch lots of movies and documentaries too.

3. Make some knowledgeable friend 

To be a creative person you need knowledge in various sectors, you can’t read everything, knowledgeable men drive you forward, influence you to do something good, refine your knowledge.

4. Try to observe everything 

Be a good writer you need to be a good observer, try to see the world like you have seen everything for the first time. If you think like that you can find a new world around you. It will help you in characters making and storyline.

5. Don’t think about Spelling and Grammar 

While writing a first draft, don’t think much about Spelling and grammar or sentence formation, focus your every energy over creativity, you can edit the whole story many time after it completed so while start writing focus over the story line, in case you don’t get an appropriate word you write similar word for your understanding. 

6. Write down your ideas.

Make a habit to write down your ideas and concepts whenever it come to your mind, because may be you will forget it latter. I personally lost some beautiful concepts because I had not written it anywhere. I advise to keep a pocket note book and pen all the time while you are traveling somewhere. Or you can write your concept in your mobile message box or make a draft also.

7. Don’t write one story 

Writing story is basically depends on your mood, so don’t write one story at a time, write at list three stories together, so you can sit down to write everybody. Otherwise after few days you feel bore and stop writing.

8. Don’t restrict in words

While write a story you don’t need to think about how many words it will be, don’t try to compress or lengthen it forcefully. You story will work if it is a good story, Boone can judge it by how many words you have written. So focus over story, not over word.

9. Make a promise to write something everyday.

Writing is all about patience and habit, you will be a good writer if you continuously write, so make a promise to write at list thousand word every day. If you make a habit of writing thousand of words everyday you will write an average length novel in two to three months. If you write three novel together as for my advice then you find you will write down three novels in a year. Great! Isn’t it?

10. Make some great character.

To make a good story you need some good characters, you can find out it in every great stories. A story become great because of some great characters, so make some great characters, your story will become great automatically.

11. Switch off your phone for at list one hour.

While writing make sure that our nothing is there to disturb you, switch of your phone or if you except some emergency you off your internet connection at least. I recommend you to write after you take your dinner or early morning, so there will nothing which could district you. According to scientist our mind works better while it tired, So you can write better in late night.

12. Learn continuously 

To be a good writer you have to spend to learn something new in every day, otherwise you can’t make a better story.

This twelve point you have to consider if you want to be a writer. The next blog I will discuss how you write a great story.

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