My mom’s mentality 

Yesterday my mom was angry over a cat because it killed a beautiful white pigeon. Here I want to tell that my mom is a cat lover, we have four cat in our house. The cat which killed the white pigeon is my mom’s favorite too. 

‘Get out, I willn’t give you anything, you killer!’ mom roared over the cat. 

It was not a expecting behavior from my mom.

‘Mom, why are you upset over your cat, only because it killed the white pigeon? I argued. ‘ But it’s a cat, and it did what a cat does. For it that white pigeon was nothing more than a food.’
  ‘I know, but it’s the only white pigeon of the group,’ mom sighed. ‘ Within a minute it killed that white pigeon in front of my eyes. Now there is no white pigeon over our roof.’

I couldn’t convince my mom, I couldn’t clam her. Today morning when I woke up I found my mom looked equally worried.

  ‘Now what?  Did the cat kill another pigeon?’
  ‘Now, I didn’t find where is my cat,’ said mom worriedly. ‘Till it doesn’t come! Not even comes to take the breakfast.’

‘ Mom is mom !’ I thought, it brought a smile on my lips. But mom was worried till she saw the cat which was chasing a rat on field.

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