Be Sympathetic 

​Last night I went to one of my friend’s wedding, the night was cold and foggy, and it was perfect condition for dance and party. I was happy to part of a social function like marriage . Most of my friends were drunk, so they became wild. Still the atmosphere was funny, the only things upset me was Some kids lifting decorating lights on their shoulders. Kids, age must be twelve to fourteen . It is a age to see dreams, play and study. But situation must be forced them to do it. Our government is made rule that under fourteen mustn’t be engaged in any job but what about hunger? We idiots spend lacks of rupees in marriage to show the world our status. But what about status of our country? Don’t it’s our duty to help those kids, we spend thousands on rupees to purchase Gold, drink wine and even on fireworks. But never helps poor men . . . Is it humanity? Is it the way to celebrate our marriage? 

I am not agree. I can’t accept it ? I can’t understand when we’ll change our mentality, when we’ll become sympathic instead of materialistic. 

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