I am a slave !

I’m an honest slave,

Who doesn’t absent one day, even in pain. . .

But still I’m working under a contract,

To whom his master can anytime fire. . .

Interview to become a slave is more interesting,

Where one slave taking interview to appoint a slave,

Rejects lots of candidate stylishly,

For him no-one is knowledgeable like him . . .

First question of the interview, ‘tell something about yourself?
Where a candidate must tell proudly about his achievement,

Like he is a winner of gold medallist in Olympic game. . .

To be a slave, experience must be  needed,

Without experience no one will appoint you as a slave…

Becoming a slave is now status symbol in our society,

Government slaves feel them little superior,

Specially politicians and police. . .

I put the symble of slave (job batch) in my neck almost all time, 

Now to become a slave is now my status . . .

Every girl wants to marry a slave,

Every parents want their son must be a slave,

So I also now a part of this slave society,

Yes, I am a proud slave . . .

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