Do you really support your wife?

 Rina was twenty -two, loved to sing, wanted to study more. But her father was preparing for her marriage. She was a strong supporter of love-marriage but she couldn’t make her love story successful.  Her father was not a rich man, couldn’t affordable her higher education.  She understood the situation of her father too, so she agreed for an arrange- marriage. After few days a purposal came, a man with his parents came to her home for take an interview for marriage.

She was scared, nervous. But her mom gave her some confident and lastly she entered to the drawing room with holding a plate with snacks and tea cups, the room where the man and his parents were talking with her father. She peeped at the man’s face while serving  snacks, the man was undoubtedly handsome, much more handsome than her ex-boyfriend, looking clam and little nervous too. The man’s parents asked some formal questions to Rina which she nervously answered, she was sure that they would reject her but she was selected miraculously. Now she could hear some murmur and gossip, giggle, must be the man selected her too.

  ‘ We have to give some moments to them to decide alone, what your option?’ suggested the man’s father. 

  ‘You ae right,’ supported her father. ‘ Rima, why don’t you show your room to Ravi.’

‘Ravi!’ She repeated the man’s name inside her mind to remember it and guided Ravi to her room. 

  Everything seemed funny, her father allowed her to bring a man to her room for first time in her life. Where as she had never even invited any of her best friend to her room before, not even to Akash, her ex-boyfriend.

  After reached inside her room, she requested Ravi to take a seat, but  now she was nervous. Almost two minutes passed without exchange a single word.

  ‘ I’m scared,’ muttered Ravi. ‘ Actually first time ever  I’ve come to see a girl, so no idea how to start a conversation,’ he conffessed. ‘And I am not interested  for marriage now, but my parents forced me, so here I am. What about you?’

  Rina took a second and said, ‘ Same, I want to study more, but now parents forcered about marriage first, so …’

  ‘ What you want to study? ‘

  ‘ MBA .’

  ‘Do you want to be a business man, I mean an entrepreneur?’

  ‘ Nope! I just want to do something in my life, Independent! ‘ Said Rina in excitement, suddenly looked depress. ‘ I just want to do a job if you will allow me after the marriage.’

  ‘ Sorry Rina! I can’t allow you to doing some job  after marriage, because I too hate to work under anyone, my thought is a man only force to work under anyone when he has no money, otherwise noone else is loved to obey order of some other,And  Why job? Why not anything else, only because you are a girl? Do you think a girl can’t do anything except job?’

  ‘ No, I mean. . .’

  ‘I believe a girl is born to do something great, for me boy or girl doesn’t matter, I will allow you for job only if you failed to do anything else. Do some business, do something creative. I will stand in your support if you will do some great things or for betterment of man-kind. There are billions of people are doing job, so what’s new if you want to do some job?’

  Rina never expected such a answer, she took a small sip of water, ‘ Do you allow me if I want to sing ?’

  ‘ Are you a singer? Oh may God! ‘ said the man in excitement. ‘ Why don’t I allow you? Be a singer is a great thing, you can give music, you can give voice to a poem, it’s an amazing thing. I will not only allow you but also support you in every step of your life  as much as I can, But now I don’t understand why you want to do an MBA. Your aim must have to study classical music or some thing delete to music?’

  ‘ I was confused a little! I expect you will never allow me if I talked about singing.’

  ‘One more thing Rina, a man or a woman will never be independence, we are social animal, I know your thoughts are morden but not every new generation thought is right,  marriage and family is all about dependency, I will depend on you after marriage a lot, and you will also depends on me on some accpets , so think again to take a decision to marry me, you will never be independent after marriage, I will be your husband, friend, patner and a guardian. I will guide you in many aspects and you will also guide me when ever nessary. ‘ 

  They headed some foot steps inside the room, ‘Did you both reach in some conclusion or you both need few times more?’ asked Ravi’s mother. 

  Ravi and Rima nodded their head in blissfully, still Rima’s mother wanted to know Rima’s decision, so she took Rima inside and asked, ‘ Do you like him or not, if not then tell me clearly?’

  ‘ Nope ! I mean …yes,’ she said with blushing, with her answer the marriage was fixed. After three year Rina reached final of a singing reality show, she won many hearts and contract of a movie as a playback singer, though she got the runners-up.

Note:  Support your wife, but it’s your duty to make her dream bigger,  stand with her but not just in formally. Women is almost fifty percentage of our population, a county can’t be best without their contribution, may be your wife will be the next Madam Curie or J.k. Rolling or something great. Who knows the future, who will be your wife or daughter within few days . . .


2 thoughts on “Do you really support your wife?

  1. Very heart touching lines wrote by you…..i am highly impressed by you……i am not a big or small writer, i mean i am very small writer, means part time blogger. I am agree with your thoughts.
    Highly motivated…

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