When we’ll independent

I’m a graduate, who is searching for a job,

To get government job I must have to give money to corrupt officer,

And to get a private job I must have needed some experience,

With a good English communication. . .

Our country interviews are taken in English,

But English is not compulsory after getting the job,

Our county genius people treat as an idiot,

And idiots treat as genius. . .

Our work environment is actually only favorable for slave,

Where no employee has any right to share their ideas,

So many geniuses force to work under this idiotic atmospheres,

To remain in job . . .

Here everyone is running after job,

No one is ready to make any innovation,

Still proudly say to everyone that I’m working in a big organization . . .

We independence from British before 68 years,

But still we can’t independence  from this slave mentality people,

And this slavery system…

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