The slave of twenty-first century

I’m a slave, a slave of this twenty-first century,

Who works under someone just exchange of some money,

And I have no personal life according to him . . .

I bound to work in Sunday,

And celebrate my higher authority birth day,

Even if I just hate him . . .

I’m the slave,

Who has chosen to be a slave knowingly,

To solve some material need, just for some money,

To fulfil my duty toward my family…

I’m the slave who pronounce his master’s name proudly,

Put his name batch in neck like it is a gold medal of Olympic,

Who wears a tie in neck instead of chain,

 loves or not wears formal dress,

Be clean shave always to impress…

I’m a slave of twenty-first century,

Who choose a life of slave,

To happy this slave society, to happy other slaves.. .

Becoming a slave is now a status in our country,

If you are not a slave your parents can’t face the society . . .

Though no one is now useing the word slave,

Instead of slave we use job & service,

To satisfy our heart and satisfy our mind . . .

Still one thing isn’t changed now,

 Still we aren’t even a human for our master,

Still according to master we are just a slave for him,

Yes, I’m a slave,

 I’m a slave of twenty first century . . .

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