Who deserves God’s respect?

In heaven, God was over his chair,  thinking something deeply. Suddenly fwe Angels landed in front of him with two soles of human with them; first one was a common man, who was very helpful for other. Second man was a saint, who was spending his whole life in jungle in prayer.

  God stood and offered a seat just beside him to the common man, and took a decision that the Saint will reborn in earth again.

  “This is unfair God,” sob saint,” you gave a place nearer to you to a common man but sending me back without exchange a word. I had spent the whole my life in your prayer, just to see you once. And I have never done anything wrong in my life. So I deserve heaven.”

   ‘You have spent whole your life to see me. I now fulfil your ambition, don’t I?’ replied God with a cold smile.  ‘ So now go back and do your work. You said that you hadn’t done  any mistake, because you hadn’t done anything in your life.  your life is a complete waste.  I send everyone to do something but you haven’t done anything.  you were knowledgeable,  intelligent but you have been never shared your knowledge with anyone, so your life and knowledge was a completely waste. If you had  thought to create something for betterment of people then you would have definitely earned some respect. if you had invented something then I would have given respect to you. but you hadn’t done anything at all.   At other hand this common man have done his every duty properly,  he was a best father, a faithful husband, friends of friends and God for those who needed help, I gave my beside seat to him because he is also a God for some people. He deserves my nearer seat because he is a God, One God must respect another God.”

  “But he had a family man, he never had any time for pray to you, he must have very often go to your temple.”

  “So what, I too has a family, he had done all his responsibility perfectly, not like you who had left his father alone to get me, ” criticized God, ” Have you ever think why I send a human to earth? I send a man to earth to do some work, people respect me only for my work, only your work can  give you respect. I am God because of my work, my whole life isI dedicated for people, I always try to do something for betterment of people, for this only you respect me.   For this only I am the God.

  “And last thing after you had left your father alone, this common man took your father responsibility, at the time of death your father jointed his hand  to him said, “I’ve never seen a God in my life but You are a God in my life. Don’t waste your whole life to get me, always think to be a God, then you’ll automatically become god’s best friend, Because God ‘s best friend must be a God. 


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