Development or Destruction?

  I backed to my native place after almost five years, My friends planned a small picnic . So one Sunday afternoon we went to a picnic spot just few kilometres away from my home.

The sky was blue with some white clouds with different shape and size, like white ships on blue ocean, a kid can imagine many unseen pictures in sky but adult people couldn’t, over the top of  the hill there was a temple older than two hundred years and feet there was with a beautiful lake made it into a scenery. 

  ” Beautiful, this place is, isn’t it?” one of my friend said who had come  for the first time there.

  “Is it really beautiful?” I asked this questione to myself.

 Undoubtedly, the temple was beautiful with classic arts and beautiful statues, the statue of God was made by Pure gold, even Singhason (throne) was also made in gold and white marble floor. 

  When I was a kid, I came to the temple with my mom several times in a year, there was no road, it was required too much labor to climb  the hill and reach at the temple. People were drinking the chill water of the stream, eating lot of nuts all the way, some nuts were really delicious. The hill was covered by a  jungle, it was a home of many wild animals. people were scaring to come alone, even in day light. On the way some time deer and rabbits were crossing the path, there was possibility of face-to-face with tiger and bear.

 Few  years back government thought for development of the place, road was made by sacrificing of stone and bushes, few acares of land gifted to industries to extablish of production unit. Bungalows were made near temple for resort. Now-a-days buses and cars can easily carry people up to temple’s stairs; people come here to spend holidays in thousand of numbers for peace. But peace is disappeared with stream and bushes of nuts. Deer and rabbits were gone where no one could know, tiger and bear had just become folk’s tales with passing years. The lake was with plenty of water but it’s water couldn’t use as drinking purpose because of pollution, some NGO made a water tank above the hill to solve the problem of drinking water, a water tank came every day for two times to fill it now. More people brought more wastage with money flow; to clean wastage became headache for the government now. 

Still I can’t understand what the Government did, development or destruction ?

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