Maha Shivaratri

24. 02. 2017

Yesterday, we celebrated Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honor of the Lord Shiva. According to our mythology Shiva is the destroyer of evil, God’s of God, the supreme God. His power has no limit, he is never born, he is before this universe even started, he will be after this universe destroyed. He is Adideva ( The first God). Some of the statue were older than 10000 BCE. .  Generally we keep fast and prayer to remember Lord Shiva, the ardent devotees keep awake all night while others like me visit one of the Lord Shiva temple and light lamps ( Diyas) up to mid- night. My village has a Lord Shiva’s temple too, and we four friends went there to light lamps too,, more than ten thousand of people had come, so rush that we couldn’t get a place to sit inside the templeyard.

  The temple’s pond  of our village is the most beautiful pond according to me, because there is a mini- house middle of the pond and it connected by  a narrow bridge. Because it was Maha Shivaratri, so it decorated by lights. Stairs of the pond was also filled by devotees, we four friend found some empty place at the mini-house at the middle of the pond, we went there and lit our lamps, we stared at there up to ten O’clock night ( Most of devotees up to mid- night)

My mom also kept fast and she didn’t take even water till she saw the Mahadipa ( It’s a huge lamp,  those devotees keep fasting are allowed to take food after saw it)

  But for most of us it’s a holiday, so we can play cricket, go to movies, take vegetarian foods and lastly to go temple where we meet lots of beautiful girls. Our society is still a conservative so it’s a great place to exchange some words or exchange contact number for love birds. Lord Shiva is a married man and He has two sons too,  so it’s not a offend in our temple.  

Outside the temple, a small fair was arranged for people and children, most of them having spicy snacks and Ice cream and sweets. One of my neighbors sold more than ten thousand rupees Ice-cream and was happy a lot. For him it was a great opportunity to encashment it. Different people have different reason to come . . .

  Only a few actually come to pray Lord Shiva, it is the reality . . .


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