Few inspirational lines from my new Book !!!

One day our teacher questioned  everyone about their idols. We all took some great legendary names as our idols. Some answered Sachin Tendulkar; some announced Lata Mangeshkar and for some it was Bill Gates or Steve jobs, for me it was J.R.R.Toklen and Mahatma Gandhi, for Priya it was Mother Teresa. But Vijay’s answer was different from others like always.

  After the question was asked, he took his own time & stood up from his seat, looked little confused. “I have lots of idol in my life. First is Raghav, the man who gives newspaper in our house every day, every morning he delivers the newspaper by six O’clock, no matter whatever happens; winter or rain, everything is meaningless for him. He never fail to perform his duty, I want to be dedicated like him. Second is Harbinder, the milk seller. Mom always asks me to buy milk from him because he sells pure milk without adding a drop of water; I want to be honest like him. I want people to believe me just like they have belief over Harbinder’s milk. I want to be like Ashis, a common man, who dedicated his whole life for orphan kids without any publicity,” said Vijay excitedly. His word created a magic spell over the students & the teacher. He further continued, “I want to be a man like Salindra, who rushed an injured man, drenched in blood, to the hospital. Even though there were hundreds of people, but only Salindra could dare to take that man to the hospital. I always want to be brave like him.” 

  Nobody clapped but Vijay’s words touched everybody’s heart. 

My book name is ‘The revenge of a Gandhi’s follower’. It will be published in March.

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