The game of imagination !

   First read this story carefully, try to visualise it.

  I was hurry, there was no time for proper dress up, My brother was needed four lacks, he was living in a hill station from last three years, I asked three to four times about why he needed money, but he didn’t give me reply.  I properly arrange four lacks in a bag with my belongings, then called Sani, my best friend for a company, after he came My journey started.

 The journey was long, around two hundred kilometres, we cross mountains and rivers, two side of road was with trees, we thought our journey was beautiful but we were wrong.

  Inside jungle, our car showed trouble, it didn’t start, evening became night, we felt hungry, we took some food with us, we managed our dinner with that, the night we spent inside the car. The next day we took a left from a truck driver, he gave us left up to my brother’s home town.

  There was a short cut road inside the jungle to reach at my brother’s home, we chose that road, after we walked up to one kilometre we found a wall which crossed the road, we passed that wall with our bags, and finally reached at my brother’s home . . .


     Now I have some questions for readers.

  1. What colour dress I wore in your imagination, shirt or t-shirt?
  2. What you saw? I wore boot or sandal?
  3. Can you describe the colour and size of my bag?
  4. What was colour of our car? I hope some can imagine even some specific car brand. Are you the person who even imagines the brand name of car?
  5. Can you see bridge and birds when you read second paragraph? 
  6. Can you imagine what I took in our dinner? Can you see some Tiffin box?
  7. The truck had given lift to us was lorded or empty?
  8. The Jungle was scary or beautiful, what you imagine in your mind?
  9. What was the height of the wall?
  10. What do you think about my brother, why he needed four lacks? Can you thought about some possibility?

  I’ve never mentioned these answers in my story, whatever you imagine it’s completely your imagination, it indicate your ability of imaginations and the way you see the life. Answer my all question honestly, I tell you what is your state of mind. If you read again and again this story you can get more answers every time. The more you imagine the more you see. It helps you to improve your imagination.
send your answer to me at    –, or send your answer in comment box.

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