I miss you, Monster.

When I was a kid, we had a snow white color cat, beautiful, soft and pretty, its name was Babul. It loved to eat fish, slept in our bed, most of the time even slept on our laps. we all love Babul a lot.

 One day a dirty, black color street cat entered inside our home, always sat near us when we were taking lunch or diner. My parents were very kind-hearted , they treated that black dirty cat with love and gave it sufficient food. Which I didn’t like at all, sometime that black dirty cat fought with Babul, sometime it stole fish from our kitchen, even one day it broke my toy car to catch a mouse. I seriously started disliked  it. One day I decided to through that dirty cat away from our home. When the dirty cat was sleeping, I caught and took it inside a plastic bag, One of my friend and I decided to leave that dirty cat ten kilometer away from our house and we did according to plan but that dirty cat again came back to our home within two days.my planned failed miserably, so I decided to give position to it. Even I asked my several friends how to kill it.

  One night I heard some sound inside my room, must be that dirty cat fought with my cat was come to my thought. it was mid night, my room was dark, I couldn’t see anything properly, I switched on the light, I was shocked when I saw that that dirty black cat was fighting with a snake. within few seconds the black dirty cat killed that snake, my body quivered badly, I was wet in my own sweat, I understood that dirty cat saved my life that night, the cat to which I disliked the most. I petted that black cat’s forehead with love and said, ” From today your name is Monster, you are my Monster.”

  From it’s purr I thought he also liked his new name, I loved Monster  a lot from that day, what if he wasn’t cute or soft, but God make it differently, for different propose, it was a killing machine for mouses and cockroaches. My parents loved it a lot too after seeing how it saved their son’s life. From that day Monster had gotten permission to sleep with me. When Monster passed away I sobbed for few days, it was the most lovable cat I have ever sen, still I miss him, I miss my Monster, its strange to hear but I really love Monster, even more than our cute cat Babul.

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