The impossible

‘The nature is always trying to make  better species, evolution, the word we use to describe this phenomena. So it’s natural. If we can fly by genetic engineering then why we don’t even try, imagine a world where everyone is a genius, where everyone having super human strength. Where we all have power like super speed, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy. Then we don’t need machine for communication, we don’t need anything to travel, we don’t need anything to fly,  we can do everything within fraction of time, just imagine if we can improve you brain then why we won’t do it, imagine a world where everyone is genius, where everyone has a longer life, just imagine what the world it Would be,’ a scientist said in a conference.
  The government was ruled by a young president, who was known for taking risk. The permission was given to improve human genetics, more than hundred genetically modified kid were  developed inside laboratory,  everyone had tremendous power, superhuman strength, most of them could run father than sound, most of them could teleportation, most of them could use telepathy. Could telekinesis, with a healing power, almost immortal. The experiment was undoubtedly successful but there was one problem, the problem was food and water, those hundred had taken food of ten thousand men, their body growth were unnatural within one year they were reached a height of ten feet, required food more than one lacks. Those adult were fell in love,  married with each other and given birth too, four or five in one time and three time in a year, within just two years their population reached up to one thousand. And they were taking food of one million.

  That was really beyond imagination, mankind understood the situation was out of hand now, they decided to end this project and kill all, but those were ready for the war. All of them had supper human powers, even they made their own nuclear weapons and army of robots. It’s impossible to win against them and if they would win then it would become impossible to survive for mankind. Wait to read the result.

A new concept of mine . . .


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