Heartless . . .

I loved a heartless girl, 

and gifted my heart and soul,
I always thought,one day she would accept my love,

But I was wrong . . .

She was an old player in game of love,

She wanted to play with my heart till she could make me fool, 

She just kept my dream alive, 

By using her beauty, sexuality, her fake promise and tear.

Sometime she assured​ me by her excellent acting and fake caring nature.

I always thought, she just needed some time to accept my love,

After two years I understood her game,

still I hoped that, one day I must win her heart by my love.

But I was wrong . . .

I couldn’t win her heart, which is stronger than an iron,

according to her,

 I’s a losser & immature,

I wasn’t deserved her…

She wanted a perfect man,

atleast who must have a big bank balnce,

& most be an idiot…

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