Be a leader

Employees work under you,

 because they have no finance to do a business, 

Or not have enough talent to run a business now,
maybe some of them are now planning to do something great, 

Just need some time to grow,

So treat all with honour . . .

 corporate houses gives lots of work to the employee,

So much that no one can finish it within office hours,

The employee has personal life too, 

don’t spoil it, 

If you’ll be the world richest man, 

then also employee will get nothing,

So for your idiotic dream, 

don’t spoil employees’ life . . .

Be a man with golden heart,

No one loves a businessman,

Be a leader, and inspires other . …

Some managers are rude; 

they love to conduct corporate meeting in holidays too,

I have one suggestion to them,

Maybe you have no value of a holiday,

 that’s not mean that others have no value too,

You don’t get a good wife, 

so you don’t want to spend your holiday at home, 

But your subordinates have caring and beautiful wives,

Give them time to enjoy their life . .

I have one request to managers,

Your subordinates have no fault if noone respect you at your home,

And don’t think yourself as a god,

You are just a stupid man, 

and you are also working under anyone, 

So behave politely, 

because you are also a slave of someone . . .

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