Interstellar, a Jorney to Serious star.



  Scientists of Nasa could make an interstellar spacecraft which could travel faster up to 99.999 time of light before one year. The first destination was Serious star which was 8.6 light-years away. And due to time dilation factor, it was calculated to be reached there at 14 days. 

  ‘Our aim is to find out a habitat planet inside our galaxy,’ Arnold Freeman, the captain of the mission told to his other two crew members. ‘ And first aim was Serious Star, because most of the mythology indicates Serious Star as habitat of God. So let’s find out  what is actually there.’  

  The journey started with an end of negative countdown, the interstellar detached from international space habitat and within few seconds vanished from eyes.

   After fifteen days

  Two sun-like stars were in the sky, but not glistening like our sun. The interstellar saw a blue planet, much larger than the earth,  Arnold freeman landed over a hill by a rover, everywhere looked green because of millions of kiss-sky height trees, forests were dense, multi-layered and harbor many types of plants and animals. Trees had large rounded trunk with lots of branches, unnaturally tall; some were more than four hundred feet. Due to plenty of food, oxygen-rich atmosphere and proper condition, the sizes of everything were bigger; lions were more than 1500 pounds; birds looked like hunt animal; elephants were sized of a Mammoth, eve the size of deer  was created scare in heart.  After few miters Arnold found a human, height was up to ten feet. The man told something in a different language which Arnold couldn’t understand at all.

  Arnold grinned and asked, ‘What the place it is?’ 

 The man looked shocked. ‘Indiana,’ he replied shortly and flew away by his mechanical wings. He found lots of men flying in sky by different types of mechanical wings, and most of them came out and entered inside the hill through some narrow passages.. He also entered inside the hill and found a highly developed city inside the hill, including hundreds of house and streets but one think shocked Arnold, he found one man, looked like his father and his son, who almost reminded him his own childhood face, he followed them and he found the man’s wife also looked liked his mother too. 

  ‘What is the name of this orbit ?’ Arnold asked someone desperately.The man looked at him with amazement. ‘ Are you really from Serious stat?’ He asked with amazement. ‘ This is earth!’



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