The Antivirus


  Alex was a scientist. He had a concept over dark matter, a concept which would change every scenario of today’s science.  However, one day, he read his concept in an article; he was shocked, it was written by some scientist of China. He thought it must be a coincident, but it was really supposing for him when he read his theory on television, the man was from Argentina.  He though must be someone hacking his computer, but he had Vx antivirus. How could anyone hack his computer? He thought to read about Vx antivirus on Google. He found Vx antivirus was made by Vikrant, a twenty-one year man. Three years passed but still no  one could hack the computer protected by Vx, now dominating the market with seventy-two share. Vikrant was also a great writer, a physician. Last year, he could publish twelve best-selling novels.   

‘ How can anyone write twelve novel within one year? That means one novel in one month,’ he thought.

He read every book written by. Vikant. Most of the book written by Vikrant was complicated, needing a lot of time and research. ‘ It’s impossible to a human to write those kinds of books in one year.’   Now he had a concept, definitely Vx antivirus must be a spy; it’s actual aim is to hack ideas or concepts because in this world, the most valuable thing is idea. 


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