Don’t become an idiot 

I’m your security,

I can die to save your life,

You have to salute me for this,

But reality is reverse . . .

A security man must salute you is the provision,

A junior must salute his senior and politician is the provision,

Even it’s a custom in army and Police station,

Just for some money a man is forced to salute other idiots,

Those idiots & heartless person feel proud when anyone salutes them,

Just imagine yourself as the junior,

Or you are a security guard of some organization,

Just imagine where you salute someone in presence of your wife & kids,

Will you feel comfortable and proud?


so why do you torture someone for some money,

Why are you behaving like an animal?

Why do you expect salute from a poor man?

It’ll never make you a great man,

It only proves that you an idiot and heartless person…

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