The dream land

‘How could it possible? How could a village with whole population vanish overnight?’ asked Starish to herself.

 It was a village between India and Bangladesh, she had gone to Delhi before three days.  But after coming back she hadn’t even find out any clue about that village.

She hadn’t find out any clue about the village but she found a four way highway, and electric poles which was not before. She was confused more. How can someone made a four way road within two days. She wanted to ask someone to clear her confusion, so she walked toward the border, it was a five kilometers journey.

  The returning journey was amazing, though scary. While returning from Delhi the weather suddenly changed, there was an earthquake in Indian ocean, the center of the earthquake was just few hundred kilometers away, so there was a tsunami and cyclone. So furious that they couldn’t get time to land in Kolkata, to prevent from any accident the pilot flew the plane was up to maximum height, but the worried was not over, that time there was asteroid rain, fire was everywhere, it was too much difficult to fly the plane in a straight line, their connection was cut from the earth, few asteroid damaged the plane badly, and caught the fire, the plane freely fell up to few meters, power system failed, everything became black, no one could see anything up to few minutes, but when the engine stated again everyone found the atmosphere was claimed a little, their was a crash landing, almost everyone enjoyed a little but everyone was alright. 

  That time Starish saw a bus over the road, she stopped the bus, ‘ Can you go up to the Bangladesh border?’ she asked politely.

 The helper looked confused but answered, ‘ No, it’ll go up to Dhaka, but if you want to go to border you have to change your bus from there.’

  ‘ Dhaka? No I want to go up to Bangladesh border?’

  ‘There is no place like Bangladesh,’ this time the helper answered irritatingly. And signaled bus driver to start the bus. It confused Starish, to get the information she searched goggled,  but she couldn’t get Bangladesh from anywhere,  only she found Bengal, the map showed the united Bengal, how it could be possible she had no idea, suddenly her focus was overt the India’s map, which was showing no Pakistan even. She searched the word Pakistan, but didn’t find it also. She understood a little to know about the history she opened the page of Independent of India, she found in 1946 Aug 15 India got the independent from British, the first prime minister was Mahatma Gandhi, and there was two deputy prime-ministers, Jawaharlal Nehur and Muhammad Ali jinnha.  Vallabh Bhai Patel was the home Minister. Gandhi got Nobel prize for the peace in 1947. 

 She thought about her family now, she found her dad phone number between her contact numbers, it was impossible because her father was died at her childhood. She phoned to her dad with trembling hands.

  ‘ My baby, I am missing you too much,’ her dad replied from opposite end. ‘ come soon my boy, I am missing you.’ 

  ‘ Dad, I . . . love you,’ Starish replied in a wet voice and disconnected the phone, tear fell down from her eyes. She now understood that the time line was changed or she was in a parallel universe.

  It must be really difficult to go back to her own time line, but she wasn’t interested to go back, for her this time line was better, where she had her father, where India hadn’t been faced any partition. She searched India’s GDP and found India was the number one country now, won most of the cricket world cup, including 2003 and 1999. She found videos where Sachin Tendulkar and Shoaib Akhtar was part of one team, where Kapil Dev and Imran Khan was playing together lifted 1983 and 1987 world cup proudly. She found India had successfully invented dark matter particles  and researching about how to utilize it for interstellar travels. Now she was really proud to be an Indian . . .


4 thoughts on “The dream land

  1. Hello bpsenapati, my name is Gregory Thomas. Thank you for liking my poems on my blog at
    I thank you very much, and will be sure to check out your writing as well. Let’s keep in touch. 🙂

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    1. Thanks to read it, Diana. We Indian actually suffered a lot because of partition. We want a united India, but still it is a dream, hope one day people of Pakistan will forget the difference soon . . .

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