To whom God loves . . .

Mr. Vikash returned to his village after retirement from his job. He tried to organize people to do some social works, a retired association was formed, which had taken up some service like renovation of tank, supply of drinking water in summer, financial help to poor students, writing materials to poor students, distribution of biscuits and food stuff to patients in hospitals and pay some money to poor students to meet their tuition fee etc. 
 Within few days he had made his name and  get a respectable position in eyes of God. But one day he had done a mistake. It was upset God.

  Mr. Vikash had sleep deeply, God appeared beside. ‘Wake up, I want a conversation with you,’ God said angrily with shaking Mr. Vikash. 

Mr. Vikash jumped up, quickly bowed his head with respect.

“I thought before that you are my favourite but you disappoint me, I’m really upset . . .’

  “But how God, I can’t remember what I’ve done wrong,” defended Mr. Vikash.

  “Just tell if I’ll shout outside your house for all day what will you feel, you will irritate over me or not?” said God coldly. ‘You have arranged a worship of mine where people will pronounce my name day and night up to seven days.”

 “But God it’s our love, we ordinary people respect you a lot, so we have arranged this worship.’

  ” You all are my kids, so you are not ordinary?” said God with a soft smile. ‘Just think why have I sent you to this earth? What is your life’s purpose, don’t waste your precious time in my worship, don’t waste money in such stupid things. Instead of that, help people who needs your support. I don’t feel happy when you take my name, I feel happy when people take your name as a good person, I feel happy when your help reach near a needed person, I feel happy when people consider as a hero of their life.”

“God, lots of people do your worship; spend thousands of money on making of your statue, why don’t you never try to stop them.”

  “I don’t like to waste my time with such Idiots, I am the sun, I am the earth, I am the universe, you can’t gift me anything, because everything is mine. But you can do something, do your work, I love you all, but I’ll love you more because of your work, your helping nature, continue it, you can find me with you in every situation.”

  “Thanks Father to open my eyes, I’ll stop all to do your worship, I’ll tell them they unknowingly irritating you.’

 Don’t tell them anything, they’ll never believe you, they are mad, idiot, rascal, I feel shame as consider them as my son, don’t waste your time with them,’  god said and vanished. 

  Mr. Vikash found it was morning, someone called him to organize God’s worship. But Mr. Vikash didn’t go, he was cleaning the road alone, planning about opening a school where poor kids would freely get education.                 



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