Waiting to fall in love . . .

I’s serching you outside,

but you entered in the train & sat beside me sudeenly,

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe in my eyes,

You couldn’t even imagine how I felt that time,

My heart beat rapiedly that time,

I wanted to talk with you,

but couldn’t currage to exchange a word with you,

When my eyes fell over your unconvesnal eyes,

I snak in it,  I lost somewhere inside it!

I couldn’t say where,

Its needed sometime to recover,

Lastly I showed some currage,

Currage to say you something,

mght be my all words were nonsence,

but I could able to exchange some words with you at list . . .

I unknowingly touched your finger,

A current passed inside me and made me nurvous,

In front of mine someone insult you,

I couldn’t control over my emotion,

and I protested him with all my strengh,

 you also got back your confident,

And tried to defend your point.

It made me happy,

and I felt like a winner . . .

please come tomorrow, sit beside me,

and give me some love…

I am waiting,

waiting to see you tomorrow,

waiting to see your gorgeous eyes,

And waiting to fall in love….

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