Let’s do something . . .

Why do you want to step back?
After getting some rejection in life,

Maybe you will get better than your dream,

Write some lines where you break all rule,

Without being a rebel . . .

Make a painting which will everyone love,

But researcher will have to research about it up to hundreds of years . . .

Innovate something extraordinary,

Which will use by ordinary men in every day of life…

Let’s do something,

Let’s do a miracle . . .

16 thoughts on “Let’s do something . . .

          1. That’s exactly what I’m doing as I head towards retirement. But I still prefer to create something rather than innovate something. To me, “create, design, invent” are much more visceral words than the overused business jargon of “innovate”. My experience with business innovation is that it is very rarely creative, or even “innovative.” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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