Book Cover  of my new book – The revenge of Gandhi’s follower

Leader of millions

This is my book cover and this book will publish soon. 


13 thoughts on “Book Cover  of my new book – The revenge of Gandhi’s follower

    1. It’s about a man who wants to take revenge, but there is a problem, he is Gandhi’s follower, so he can’t take his revenge. How can Gandhi’s follower will take revenge? But he takes his revenge but not in ordinary way . .

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      1. Ah, a good conundrum many should think about regardless of religion.

        Christian thought is that revenge belongs to God, not the Christian. I think many Christians should remember that Jesus told his followers to “turn the other cheek” and rebuked a follower who wielded a sword against another.

        Sometimes I think the Roman Empire’s culture of domination and hierarchical structure had far worse effect on Christianity than any improvements Christianity had on the empire.

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        1. Right, I think Jesus, Gandhi, Budha all believe in nonviolence and love, even great scientist like Albert Einstein also said that love is the most powerful force of this universe.


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