Different mindset !

I am the man with a dream,  

I dream to fly with you for the rest of my life,  

But for you, I’m a boy without planning,

unrealistic and selfish…

 I want to do something for society, 

 To give back something to man-kind, 

 But you aren’t the girl, who can understand my feeling,

  according to you,

you are the only person who has every right to live…

 I want that Mankind remember my name in future,

  At list miss me once in a year,  

But your materialistic mind couldn’t accept this,  

For you matching and branding dress is important form someone emotion,  

Without any interest you don’t want to build any relation,  

Money is everything for you,

 but risk taking is not your option.

 But I’m the man with a mission and a different Vision,

I chose a different path to walk, 

You can’t walk with me so you choose a different path, 

I have no issue on that, 

But still I miss you sometime,

still you are in my heart…


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