I’m the rose . . .

The poem is about nature, all nature lovers. For me nothing is more beautiful than nature, nothing can look more beautiful than nature. We know it but still we take every steps against it. I hope this poem will give you a clear picture about how we can protect our nature.

I’m the rose of your garden, 

Don’t separate me from tree,

Before I even become a flower,

Don’t gift me to any girl,

Just to see a smile of few seconds,

I have throne with beauty,

 it may hurt you if you aren’t careful about it,

I will dry if you separate me,

I lost me beauty after sometime,

Don’t kill me while I have my life …

I’m the beauty of your garden,

Bring your friends to your garden,

They will love to see me in your garden,

You can’t attract toward me when you see me in a girl’s hand or under God’s feet,

But you fall in love with me when you find me with the tree,

With tree I have a life,

Without the tree I am nothing more than a dead body . . .

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