The two faces of India

The following paragraph has taken from my book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’. The pre-order of the eBook is now available on Amazon. com

Vijay looked outside. Two sides of the road aligned with long trees and some with bright red-colored flowers which looked beautiful. On the way, he saw lot of kids going to school by bus, car and also by bicycle. Some other kids were walking, and some parents were also going with their kids to drop them safely to the school, whereas beside the road, a kid was working in a small hotel, washing used plates. On one hand, a father bought an ice-cream for his daughter, whereas just near them someone else’s daughter collected waste plastics from the garbage dumps. Some kids were reading books inside a bus but an approximately ten-year-old boy was selling newspapers. Vijay marked all these with grief and helplessness. Priya understood what was going on inside his mind. She knew that he was not a normal boy and always wanted to do something for the society and the country as a whole. Rather he possessed every symptom of a great man but Priya wanted a normal life that was, a small house with Vijay and lots of kids.

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