The Revenge of Gandhi’s follower

It rightfully said that the world teaches a man but this man taught the world. Again a saying goes that experienced people know the path themselves but never reveals it to anybody. A true man actually shows it which when followed would lead to glory. Death makes a man mortal, but his evergreen work enshrined in the hearts of the millions for the years to come would truly convert him into an immortal.

As the story goes, it reveals an ordinary man, once a Member of Parliament, was made the Prime Minister of India and managed to bring India at par with world arena by his extraordinary perspectives and brilliance, and above all he had brought about a change in the thoughts of the laymen. 

What was the purpose behind all his sacrifices for the improvement of a country? As everything has some reason behind, it was his revenge against the corrupt system.

He gained power to avenge his antagonists, but being a Gandhian, his strategy was something unusual… his revenge wasn’t ordinary…

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