Be the hero of mankind

This paragraph has been taken from my book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’. It’s now available on

‘In our neighborhood, a man was very good at carom. All the time he used to play carom and also win the game. But the problem was that he never tried to participate in competition at any level. So, his playing of carom was sheer waste of time. I have seen many boys race along the highways and proudly describe in front of everyone how they overtook some of the vehicles and how they drove bikes at a speed of hundred kilometers. But what do you get from all these? Do you get Olympic medal? Then why do you put your precious life at risk?’ said Vijay in a criticizing manner. ‘What bothers me is that many people in life pursue a meaningless goal. Choose a great dream and live for it. A man without a dream is nothing more than a dead body. Try to earn some goodwill, name and fame. No one takes anything from this world. Man is mortal, but you can make your name immortal by your work. Do such works that your name would get a place in history book which would be read by the people. Only human can innovative things, write a book, create marvelous paintings or develop a new dance step. Only a man can cook new dish, become the Prime Minister, become a great businessman and give employment to thousands of people. Be a man and be a hero of mankind.’


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