What is your goal?

This paragraph has taken from my book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’. Is is now available on Amazon. Com.

‘Boys and girls, today I’m going to tell some great persons’ journey of life, who had to face failure in their lifetime,’ said Vijay to a class of ten students. ‘A man lost his game in semifinal. He practiced hard for the next four years and forgot everything to become a winner. But this time, he lost in the final that led him to disappointment and depression. But for people, he was a hero because he was the first individual who got two Olympic medals at individual event after the independence of our country. Can you guess who is he? He is wrestler Sushil Kumar, winner of bronze medal in 2008 Olympic, and winner of silver medal in 2012 Olympic Games, respectively.

Students clapped with amazement.

‘Successful people become successful because they know life doesn’t come to an end with success or failure. Life is long enough to do more. Successful people know how to celebrate failure. They love to fail and know how to transform failure to success. There is nothing that you can get by luck. Even to win a lottery, you have to purchase a ticket. Look at the light. It was invented by a partially deaf boy, named Thomas Edison. He failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working to invent a light bulb.’

Vijay went among the students and said, ‘To become a great man we have to know how to handle our failure. Failure means gaining new experiences. It teaches us what the right path is. Failure is one step ahead toward your goal and to become a great man try to appreciate your failures. I have always come across the news that a student commits suicide after failing in the exam, but I don’t understand WHY? Your life isn’t over with one or two failures and not even thousands of failures. Don’t think about marks or exams. To pass in exam is not your goal; rather it’s just a way to reach your goal. Just keep in mind one thing; no one is going to remember how much you scored in exams because people remember your work, ONLY WORK.’

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