Love story which you mayn’t like


Sometime I could remember my beautiful days with her,

When we were in love…

I remember the day when I had proposed her,

I still remembered our first kiss,

first touch of her lips,

and smell of her hair…

I was waiting for her outside of her street,

to go to park and eat ice-cream.

We searched a place where we wouldn’t be notice,

Where we could kiss each other and do some romance,

Without caught by anyone’s eyes….


Her parents weren’t accepting our relation,

So she broke up with me without any discussion,

My few days of passed with tear and pain,

Few days passed with depression stage,

Most painful days was the day of her marriage,

And when I watched her photos with her husband,

She called me few days before marriage,

And invited me as a friend…

I told formally that I would come definitely,

To end the conversation between us …

I don’t know actually she had ever loved me or not,

May be I was just a doll for her,

To whom she threw out from life after playing a lot,

after feeling bore,

But the problem is still I loved her,

still I love her…


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