A good man!

Suffer of my life till not end,

Struggle continues from many years.

Survival is the biggest huddle for me,

Service in corporate couldn’t give me any satisfaction,

To do something different from other I gave resignation…

I wrote some stories which give me pleaser,

But not getting fame or wealth in sudden…

Some criticized that I’m not the boy with talent,

For Some I’m not workaholic like them,

I’m not romantic according to my girlfriend,

My dressing scene is not good according to her friends,

For my parents I am not a perfect son,

who can’t give them money at end of every month,

I’m a greedy man for my sister,

Who has never gifted her anything like other brothers,

Still I’m a good man eyes of everyone,

But only being good is not sufficient in this material world…


2 thoughts on “A good man!

    1. Thanks for your message, Diana. Yes your are right, but a man should be aware of the huddle before start a new journey. To become a writer is not the journey of rose. It’s full of struggle and success will come in price of strong determination.

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