Before I’ll die

Before I’ll die…

I want to fly and kiss the sky,

I want to see the world,

at list spend few weeks in every country,

I want to eat every dish,

and learn how to cook at list…

I want to go to a date with my girlfriend,

and marry to my wife again . . .

I again want to be child,

and go to school with my childhood friends,

Friend with those who are now my enemy . . .

Writes my all novels and publish it within a day,

Dance at list once in a stage,

And sing a song without caring about audience…

I want to learn Guitar and photography,

And act with a gorgeous actress and do kissing scenes . . .

I want to die after seeing face my grandkids,

I want to gift everything,

Keep everyone happy,

And except to see love tear in everyone eyes…

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