Let’s say no to religion

Some idiots had written Gita, Koran, and Bible,

Without knowing truth
And with thousands of mistakes . . .

Millions of idiots are killing each other,

By reference of those books,

Without knowing the proper meaning of words . . .

Men follow those books,

Kill men by name of religion,

And think themselves as superior from other…

So lets burn those books together,

Burn the mistake of our ancestor,

Destroy every religion…

We aren’t Hindu, not Mussulmen, not Christian,

We are only mankind,

We are the new generation

and we are the future…

8 thoughts on “Let’s say no to religion

  1. Humans have always been tribal and always fought for supremacy over opposing tribes , it has been going on all over the globe long before the big-time religions came on the scene. When Mr Trump cries ‘ Make America Great ‘ It is a tribal rallying call . When one football team meets another it is , at the professional level, a tribal nationalistic contest. We live in fragile times and the larger conglomerates of tribes are breaking up into smaller groups in the hope of doing better for themselves. Large tribes contain factions who contest within the tribal framework often in political movements to get the best for their members. The big-time religions teach we are all one human race but the members carry on in the same old tribal way and within many organisations its every man for himself.

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    1. Beautifully you explain it, thanks for your comment. Most of men take this poem in a negative way, but you have got my point. Actually religion is now divided the mankind. We have to rise above it.


  2. Hello Mr. I am agree with you for that you want to say but the language you use for express your thought is really bad . Will you tell me that you read anytime gita kuran or any religious book? There’s no any book which allowed for struggle. It’s your misunderstanding. So try to get rid of misunderstanding.

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    1. May be, but it’s need for idiot religious believer. The problem of religion is actually no body understand it completely. I believe in one religion. That is Mankind, but if a man can’t hesitate to kill someone in name of religion than I am not part of that religion. Tell me if people really understand the meaning of Gita or bibel or Koran then why they kill eachother by name of God.


  3. No religion means no laws.. No marriage… No human rights… The earth will be ruled by man made laws… Not God’s laws…
    People kill each other not because religion… But because ignorance of understanding their religion.
    This is ur blog and u r free to write whatever u like. ..
    I just said my opinion. So do not be upset.


    1. Somehow you are right, but for law we have constitution, we have to teach human only humanity. Not about God or religion. Or we have to accept every religion which is really difficult, isn’t it?

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      1. Thank u so much for ur kind acceptance of my comment… I will speak about myself… I accept my religion and I find it suitable for a safe life… I respect all religions and would like all people to understand the essence of their religions… To go deeply inside their religion and and analyse to have a clear vision of its principles…
        Have a great day and thanks again. ☺

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