My first love

I love a girl from more than twelve years,

When I was in class four,

I had first time seen her,

She was the new girl of our class,

From very first day I sat with her,

With time we became close friend,

And always hanged out together. . .

After passing out primary,

We separated in high school,

I missed her a lot,

I always attracted toward her,

But it took lots of time to realized that actually I love her . . .

By luck we together read in same college,

Although our classes were different,

Still I was happy to get chance to see her . . .

I waited for her outside college,

following her everywhere,

Only to see her . . .

I though many time to purpose her,

But I couldn’t get a perfect chance,

I couldn’t dare,

I thought I’d have three years in our graduation,

to get her love,

to purpose her…

But nothing happen according to my expectation,

At graduation she moved somewhere with her family,

Without saying even bye to me,

I again became alone,

I decided that after graduation I’d search her,

And purpose her…

Three year passed, I became a graduate,

Trying to find her every possible place,

But couldn’t get any clue of her,

I was depressed a lot,

Always sinking with her memory and love…

One more years passed like this,

One day I saw a friendship request in a social network,

She was founding me,

I was happy;

I thought this time I’d get back my love..

I accepted her friendship request,

We messaged a lot,

laughed by saying each other some stupid joke,

And at last we exchanged our phone number…

She called me after two days,

And said she was going to marry someone else,

I said her congratulation,

After controlling over my emoting and tear…

Maybe she never known that I love her,

Without her knowledge she broke my heart,

She was my first love to whom I couldn’t ever purpose….

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