A new Civilization

2100, the mankind evacuated the earth up to ten years for the restructuring of the whole earth. The earth was filled with wastage of plastic, household waste, e-waste and fly ash. The pollution level was too high that people forced to use filtering masks all the time. Iron mines were going to empty. Coal, gases and petroleum had vanished before a decade, there was never-ending power requiring to run production in factories & lighting cities, seventy percentage power produced from nuclear reactors, in summer Para crossed fifty and less than freezing temperature in winter, almost all people forced to live artificial atmosphere. Jungle was no more, wild animals only found in zoo and lots of different species of birds where finished no one could explain. Unchecked dumping of sewage , domestic waste and industrial waste were killed most of rivers; polluted, toxic and unfit for any purpose. pH levels of water was more than eleven , DO level was almost Zero. Non only that marine environment was also damaged a lot, water near seashore looked black and smell disgust.
The biggest problem of mankind was pure water now, heavy construction of building and road had an negative impact on water level inside the soil, most of the water flooded to Ocean, lots of cities face artificial flood in rainy season. Thousands of water purification plants days and nights filtered water from Oceans and distributed it every cities of world. Unproductive work were done by robots and software, so the unemployment was all time higher. The earth was overcrowded by mankind now.

To balance the environment the United Nations made a plan, the plan was evacuation of the earth to restructuring it completely to convert the environment up to 14th century. Many opposed the idea first but all know that there was no another option. A day was fixed and total population of the world shifted to space habitat made by International Space agency. Only few officials, workers, and robots were remaining behind to restructuring the earth.
But restructuring a planet completely was not an easy task. A bomb made by Russia used to destroy the whole man-made construction of the world except seven wonder. Few machines were separated iron roads from concrete. Thousands of machines worked to clean and purify the water of rivers. Enormous air purifiers took the whole responsibility to purify some highly polluted cities. Still Iron Fertilization method used to stimulate a phytoplankton boom in Ocean to increase the Oxygen level. Two years needed to clean the earth. The next thing was again colonies the earth. More than billions of trees were planted to make the earth in to a greenery planet again. Then mankind returned but now there was no permission to build a house. Waste free Cities were made already but inside Oceans. That era was called Oceans civilization.

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