Planet of Oceans

Thunder rolled all over the skies again and again, wind blew furiously, black cloud made the noon in to evening. Rain drops were fat and pinched like needles, the raining looked ordinary but it was not?

Before three weeks
An Astroid, bigger than size of Australia was coming towards earth with an enormous speed. Many scientists thought it was an unknown comet. Till the time Scientists could calculated the danger it was too late. When it stroke with the atmosphere it turned in to fire as expected but it was not an ordinary astroid. It’s surface was solid but it’s inner core was made of Ice, surface burned after minutes and Ice converted to water and vapor, the collision site was Indian Ocean, 11.7 earthquake made Soil liquefaction, tsunami followed by the earthquake, the whole earth within few minutes covered in black clouds, the heavy rains continued up to few weeks, sea level would rise about 140 meters (460 feet). The ocean covered almost all the cities. And land area would shrink significantly. More than half of the population die within few hours, and only twenty percent of the world population survived. Now the earth completely turned in to a blue planet. And some called it now planet of Oceans.

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