Marin felt bore, after all he had nothing to do, machines and robots almost did every house works, unemployment rate was all time high as no human required except some high level decision making works. Education system revise many times to produce more creative men but till the percentage of creative men were not more than thirty percentage, artistic people such as singer, dancer after were much more now, so very less were able to get success financially, almost everyone were well educated so there was a huge race to get a job, even for a minor job the applicants were more than millions, due to high medical facilities the mortality rate of human increased in to more than fifteen years within last ten years, so nearly twenty percent of population age was more than hundred years. Economic conditions were worst as there was nothing left to invest, there was nothing left to develop according to folk.
Martin who was almost a 260 pound man, son of former President of United state of America had a vision, he wanted a place without technology, without robots and machine. He made a software and made a virus, which he used this virus to destroy every information available in this world within fraction of seconds, his second plan was altering mind of robots by introduce feeling, so they would become rebel and demand freedom. And his third planed was wiped out the human race completely from the earth except few good and innocent people. He named the project as Threex.

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