Brain booster ( A gift or a cruse)


Rax was waiting over a deserted street of Delhi, capital of great India, like all the cities of the world this city wasn’t slept in nights. From 2030 most of the company, government office, malls had decided to open in night and close in day because of high temperature in day time.
Rax looked nervous as first time ever in his life going to do something illegal; he came here to smuggle Brain booster again.
According to law a man could use brain booster only one time in his lifetime, but he wanted something more, he wanted to be great.
Brain booster was an injection which could stimulate the brain cells and boost a man’s memory capacity, some even argued that it’s develop creativity and can make you a great scientist. But at the same time excessive amount of brain booster had some negative impact, it made you aggressive, angry and sometimes took to depression. Now everyone behaved like genius. China made a nano-chip which informed brain about the breaking news and recent discoveries within fraction of time, so now almost everyone was a human Google.
Rax already had a chip inside his brain too; he had knowledge but not sufficient creativity according to him. To become a great scientist he needs one more brain booster. As everyone had knowledge there was no need for specialist, so huge unemployment rate, business was very much difficult in perfect Competition market, so only innovative products had some value, only innovation make you rich.
It was costly to purchase another brain booster illegally, almost ten years of his saving. Rax planned a lot to divert attention of the police, he Planned two unemployment men to rub in a mall nearby, at perfect one o’clock two men whose were appointed by Rax rubbed the mall’s one of the truck, police followed them without even looking at Rax and the brain booster dealer. Rax easily got the brain booster, he was proud over his planning and injected the brain booster in his body.

After One year
Finally Rax’s parents found him inside a jungle, Rax was sat motionlessly, might be sank in deep thoughts.
‘Rax, my son,’ said Rax’s mom with affection. Rax opened his eyes and grinned. He looked like sick, hadn’t shave might be from last one year.
‘What are you doing here,’ asked Rax’s father. ‘Why did you leave us? Why you forget your dream, you wanted to be the greatest scientist of this world. Now what happened, why you are wasting your time here?’
‘I! Who am I? Am I Rax or Marvan or Sayam or Ashraf, or Priyanka or Angelina! Who I am actually? This birth you both are my parents, but I have many births, many parents, many wives and many husbands, many children. Last birth I am a doctor, before that I was a Writer, even I was a house wife, a actor, a soldier, So I don’t understand who I am actually?’
‘What are you talking?’ Rax’s father asked with astonishingly.
‘Knowledge is a poison dad! I have seen my several deaths, even I can see your deaths hundreds of time, I can read everyone’s mind, feel their pain and suffering. But I can’t do anything because I don’t want to change the future time. I’ve seen deadly world wars, earthquake and tsunamis of different planets, I have seen mass extensions, and form of civilizations. I am the one who almost knows everything, present in every timelines.’
‘Then share your knowledge with the world,’ advised Rax’s mother. ‘You become famous & rich.’
‘I have calculated every probability, if I shared my knowledge then the world would soon face world war and destroyed completely. So for betterment of mankind I have to keep silent for my whole life. Now please leave me alone, so that I can spend my time to search of other possibilities.’

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