Politics in United Nations

Love is most powerful says everyone

Still you found war and conflicts in world’s every corner.

Great countries claim about taking responsibility,

Talk about peace and harmony,

Still make weapons breathlessly,

making war base in the name of strategy,

Or invade over other by name of history,

To get some land and stupid honor . . .

Religious people use religion as weapon,

Killing people on the name of God,

And proudly says themselves better . . .

Some proud over their country

And think themselves superior,

Don’t give equal chance to who deserves,

Bigger countries keep more power in UN,

And call themselves honest and fair,

Don’t give a permanent place in security council,

To any African countries just because they are economically  poor,

Still don’t understand why countries like
India, Brazil and Argentina,

still don’t throw away their UN membership,

and creat a new organization. . .

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