Not a happy ending love story.

Pain wasn’t over,

It’s my darkest time ever,

After heartbroken,

Emotionally I completely broke up . . .

I am the one who had never wanted to fall in love,

It’s just happened,

Why and when I wasn’t sure,

One day I dared to purpose.

She said ‘yes’ after two weeks,

I was so happy that I gave everyone a treat,

and considered it was luckiest day of my life…

At holiday I took her to watch a film,

Where first time ever I gave her a kiss,

There were small fights always happened,

But the next few hours everything became normal,

Like there were no differences.

There were much more love,

Even a blind man could feel the chemistry between us,

And according to everyone we were perfect couple. . .

Three years passed,

I got a job,

Now I was capable to face her parents,

and begged hand of their beautiful daughter,

But that night she called me,

And said it was over.

I tried, sobbed, asking for reason,

But I didn’t get an answer,

I thought might be I have done some mistake,

So to convince her I went her place,

with a flower bouquet and chocolate,

But in way I found her with a another boy,

I was shocked,

my eyes were wet in tear,

She saw me but acted like I was not even exist for her.

Her friend said her marriage was fixed,

With man whose salary was more than me.

So I was not deserved her according to her parents,

first she was not ready for the marriage,

but her parents convinced her in two days,

It’s not her fault according to her friend,

‘We must to think practically’

It was the argument . . .

Within a month she was married,

At the day of her marriage I sobbed and sobbed,

Even drank a lot,

Although I am always against alcohol,

It was almost two years,

Still my depression stage wasn’t over,

Hope I could soon become the man I was before,

But I’ve no courage to fall in love again,

No strength to face one more break up,

promise myself to never fall in once again in love . . .

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