Truth of humanity

We are human,

War, battle and destruction we always love,

Dominating weaker than us is our hubby,

Giving orders to everyone is our wise,

But taking orders is the most difficult,

That’s why we hate our boss . . .

We love to blame others,

Saying sorry to someone is not easy for us,

For us Religion is most important,

For profit we can do any thing illegal,

In the name of God we can kill,

But to save someone we don’t dare to put our life in danger,

We love to put restrictions over smaller countries,

But don’t have dare to take any action against stronger countries,

We love to inslut a weak person,

Love to kill animal for pleaser,

Funniest thing is sometimes we talk about humanity,

Love, emotions, and non-violence types of word we use to hide our inhumanity,

Brain always knows we all are monster,

But to keep happy to our heart,

we wear a mask of a hero …

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