My notorious cat

My cat name is Pawn, she always wants attention, even at the time of writing.

Yesterday was a cold night, it’s approximately ten, I was editing one of my Novel, that time I heard a sound coming she entered through the window which I might not close properly or she must know how to open it. she first entered under the table and then climbed over my lap, and demanded petting. First I petted her, but she was in a playful mood, she wanted my all the attention, so she started licking my fingers when petted her. Whenever I didn’t give her attention she started playing with mouse and keyboard.

First I tried to stop her, but she wasn’t in a mood to stop, so I acted as asleep, when she found me with my eye close, she also decided to sleep over my lap.

Living with animal like cat is like living with a kid. It’s too much fun to have a cat, isn’t it?

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