Why do bosses conduct meeting on Sunday?

I think following reasons must be the reason behind meeting of Sunday or holidays.

  1. They born to be slave and love to work like a donkey
  2. They have ugly wives with whom they don’t want to spend time.
  3. They want to show to their owner that they are the best slave in the world.
  4. They had no personal life.
  5. They are either bad son or a bad father, who doesn’t want to spend time with their parents or kids.
  6. They are going through breakup phase, so they want to keep themselves busy.
  7. They have no capabilities to finish their work in time.
  8. They have no goal in life to do something big.
  9. For them getting promotion is everything.
  10. They are idiots, who have no courage to take risk and start their own business.

What you think?

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