Friend and revenge


In school days I was the skinniest boy of our class, where Kapil was the fattest boy of our class. We both were completely opposite, not only physically but also in study and sports, I was always good in study and he was always a dump, I always came first or second where as he was failed in every subject, our classmates named us as drumstick and Pot but still we were best friend, we always went to school together, shared our tiffin together and sat in class together, I helped him in study and he helped me to become a kid. We had nothing common but Very unusual friendship, wasn’t it?

One day Kapil and I had a nasty fight, the reason I couldn’t remember properly now, but I couldn’t forget that he’d used some offensive language against me. And for that I couldn’t punish him as I was weaker, not strong enough to face a boy who was almost dubbed of my weight, he punched me, slapped me, kicked me till few seniors forcefully separated him. First time ever in my life I hatred someone, and decided that I’d never ever talk with him, I was hurt so much that after school I alway avoided those place where there was a slightest chance to face him. And joined in a gym to make myself stronger, so that one day I could take my revenge.

Within two years I made myself a stronger man, daily push ups and practicing punching up to an hour made me a muscular and stronger, I was ready to take my revenge from Kapil, so I trickily joined the cricket team where Kapil was practicing. I was clever, determined to take my revenge, and one day I got my chance, he stroke with me unknowingly or might be knowingly. I took it as a chance, and I kicked as so hard that he fell in ground, he was ever fattier than school now and slow, where as I was trained and quick with my moves, he woke up and charged at me but this time I was stronger, but once again I threw him at ground, I wanted to punish him more and more but our teammates separated me out. I was unsatisfied, at team meeting everyone blamed me for he fight without knowing our history and threw me out. For me it was injustice as the team’s captain was Kapil’s best friend. I wanted to take my revenge again in a deserted place where no one could save him from me. But my results came out, I wasn’t secured a good percentage. Disappointedly I decided to focus over my study to do better in graduation.

After few days, I got a news from a common friend that Kapil had an accident, everyone went to see him to hospital, even they called me but I didn’t go, for me Kapil wasn’t existing anymore. few days after Kapil backed from hospital, everyone was happy but I was not. I wanted to see him with suffer & pain. 

After three years

One day I heard that Kapila was serious, due to that accident some blood clotted in his brain, Only a very critical and expensive operation could cure him but there was no guarantee for his survival. So his parents didn’t dare to take any chance and decided to leave him in the hand of God, after hearing this also my heart wasn’t melted, some of my friends advised me to go and see Kapil

  ‘Who is Kapil?’ I answered them back. 

Everyone was shocked, all tried to teach me humanity, but I’s rigid, my decision wasn’t changed, my heart wasn’t melt.

After my graduation, I went to Delhi for my post graduate and after my higher education I joined in a company there, I came back to my hometown once in one or two years.


My parents were older, they wanted me to stay near them, so I’s decided to do something in my hometown, so I came back. 

    One day I was going to market with one of my friend, one skinny boy stopped me in the way. 


  ‘Give me five rupees, please,’ the skinny boy begged.

  I was going to give but my friend stopped me.

  ‘Go, no one will give you anything,’ my friend bellowed. The skinny boy walked away with a heavy face without saying anything. I didn’t like the behavior of my friend.

  ‘Why did you stop me to give something to that poor man?’ I asked to my friend at a annoying voice.

  ‘Don’t you recognise him, he is Kapil,’ he replied, ‘he has become a mad man after the accident, according to doctor he’ll not alive up to even one year if he continued to take pan Masala or cigarettes. He must purchase cigarette or pan Masala if you had given money to him.

  My eyes were with verge with tear for the man to whom I hatred always, my friends told me lots of things about him, telling about his suffering and pain. I couldn’t be an animal again, my eyes searched Kapil desperately. I found him to begged some money from other, my ego, my hatred all vanished from that moment. I couldn’t sleep that night. I prayed for his life near God desperately again and again.

How could be I became so insensitive? I snapped over myself all the night. Sobbed and felt guilty. Might be it’s all because of me, I should have forgiven him before.

The next day he again stopped me on my way. ‘Bibhuti…., give me five rupees please,’ Kapi requested again.

A smile flashed in my face because he still remembered my name, suddenly I felt lot of pain in my heart for his condition, ‘Sorry friend, I’ll don’t give you money,’ I said and walked away. He looked unhappy, but I didn’t give him money, for his health,  for our friendship, for some good memory of our school time, that day I realized that life is uncertain, so there is no place for revenge, bad memories are vanished with time but good memories stay with us for ever.

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